Last updated
Apr 13, 2024

How is the shipping cost determined during checkout?

During checkout, the buyer's shipping cost is determined by selecting the highest-priced shipping item among the items in their cart. Additionally, if there are multiple items with a bundled shipping price, these prices are aggregated and added to the total shipping cost.

Let's say a buyer has three plants in their cart:

  • Monstera Deliciosa ($30): shipping cost of $15 and bundle cost of $2
  • Snake Plant ($15): shipping cost of $10 and bundle cost of $2
  • Peace Lily ($15): shipping cost of $10 and bundle cost of $2

In this scenario, the highest shipping cost item is the Monstera Deliciosa with $15. Additionally, the bundled shipping costs for the Snake Plant and Peace Lily are added together, totaling $4. Therefore, the total shipping cost for this order would be $15 + $2 + $2 = $19.

The order summary would look like this:

  • Subtotal: $60
  • Shipping: $19
  • Total: $79