Last updated
October 8, 2022

How to cancel an order as a seller?

Sellers can cancel an order if the item is damaged/defective or if they’re unable to fulfill / ship the order. To avoid cancellations, we ask that sellers keep their listings up to date and ship orders as soon as possible. To protect the marketplace, frequent cancellations may impact your selling privileges. If a seller cancels a transaction after the purchase has been initiated but before the transaction is completed, Blossm reserves the right to charge a refund fee of 5% of the item price to cover the cost of transaction fees.

A refund fee may be applied if the item is refunded because:

  • The seller sent the wrong item to the buyer.
  • The seller was unable to ship the item.
  • The seller cancels to change shipping options.
  • The item is no longer available for sale.
  • The item is on hold for someone else.
  • The seller has not shipped within 7 calendar days of purchase.

If you need to cancel your order please reach out to your buyer. Communication is key, and working directly with your buyer will help ensure a smooth cancellation for you and the buyer.