Last updated
February 8, 2023

Plant Purchase Protection

At Blossm, we are plant people. We understand the complexities and nuances of shipping plants. We take pride in offering a claims process that is fair for both the buyer and seller.

As a buyer, you have the ability to file a claim for any shipped purchase if there is an issue with your item.

However, before you file a claim, we recommend talking with the seller as this will likely give you a faster resolution.

If you’re unable to come to an agreeable resolution with the seller, you can file a claim with Blossm.

What is covered:

The following issues are covered with purchase protection when an item is bought and shipped through Blossm:

  • The item was not sent to the buyer.
  • The item is damaged when the buyer receives it. (For live plants and clippings, a refund can only be issued if it arrives unsalvageable or materially different than described.)
  • The item is incorrect or missing.
  • The item the buyer receives is not as described.
  • Seller sending an item to an incorrect shipping address on the order.

What isn't covered:

  • Items the buyer doesn’t like.
  • Any item that is prohibited by Blossm.
  • Purchases made in cash or with an in-person cashless payment.
  • Buyer adding an incorrect shipping address on the order.
  • Purchases conducted through payment or shipping systems outside Blossm.
  • Stolen packages

How to file a claim:

  1. Within 2 days of receiving the item, inspect the item to ensure that it arrived as described.
  2. If there is an issue, let the seller know that you didn't get what you expected. They have the ability to offer full or partial refunds
  3. If you all can not come to an agreement open a claim with Blossm within the order on the mobile app.
  4. Blossm will review the request and determine the appropriate action. Blossm may request additional information or documentation and reserves the right to deny buyer requests.