Last updated
April 30, 2024

Plant Purchase Protection

At Blossm, we are plant people. We understand the complexities and nuances of shipping plants. We take pride in offering a claims process that is fair for both the buyer and seller.

As a buyer, you can file a claim for any shipped purchase if there is an issue with your item.

However, before you file a claim, we recommend talking with the seller as this will likely give you a faster resolution.

If you’re unable to come to an agreeable resolution with the seller, you can file a claim with Blossm.

What is covered:

The following issues are covered with purchase protection when an item is bought and shipped through Blossm:

  • The item was not sent to the buyer.
  • The item is damaged when the buyer receives it. (For live plants and clippings, a refund can only be issued if it arrives unsalvageable or materially different from described.)
  • The item is incorrect or missing.
  • The item the buyer receives is not as described.
  • Seller sending an item to an incorrect shipping address on the order.

What isn't covered:

  • Items the buyer doesn’t like.
  • Any item that is prohibited by Blossm.
  • Purchases made in cash or with an in-person cashless payment.
  • Buyer adding an incorrect shipping address on the order.
  • Purchases conducted through payment or shipping systems outside Blossm.
  • Stolen packages / items
  • Packages / items being ceased or removed by the shipping provider.