Last updated
December 13th, 2022

How to leave a review?

Reviews are critical to help build trust in the Blossm community. They’re an important way for buyers, sellers, and swappers to give each other feedback, promote transparency, and let you know what to expect. We believe that a fair review system is one that respects and protects our community’s genuine feedback, and we have a number of safeguards in place to help build trust in our review system.

Reviews through the Blossm ordering system work as follows:

After an order is complete (delivered and accepted by the buyer) reviews are sent out to both the buyer and seller to give each other feedback.

Reviews when archiving an item:

  1. Click on your Account page (@username).
  2. Select My Shop.
  3. Click the item you would like to archive
  4. Select 'Archive' button.
  5. Choose Sold or Swapped.
  6. Select a user who has chatted about this item with you.
  7. A notification is sent to that user for a review on the item and yourself.

Who can leave a review on Blossm?

Both buyers, sellers, or swappers can leave a review after they complete an order (local or shippable) through the Blossm platform. In addition, a seller / swapper can request a review from another user when archiving an item.

When are order reviews published?

Once a Blossm order is complete, both the buyer and seller have 7 days to submit their review.

Reviews are only posted after both parties have submitted their reviews, or the 7-day period has ended—whichever comes first.

* If a seller cancels an order, the buyer and seller won’t be able to leave a review.

Are reviews moderated?

Blossm doesn’t moderate reviews before they’re published, and reviews are encouraged to be transparent.

However, reviews do need to be honest and relate to a genuine transaction, and may be removed if they violate our Reviews Policy. In short, this means that a review may be removed if:

  • The review includes private or confidential information, discriminatory, violent or threatening content
  • The review is biased—for example, because the buyer / seller have been incentivized to leave a positive review in return for free or discounted items, or where there are signals that the review was made for the sole purpose of inflating a person’s overall rating
  • The review is irrelevant to the user’s experience on Blossm. For example, it does not contain firsthand information about the buyer, seller, item or experience that would help other community members make informed buying or selling decisions

Editing a review

To encourage honest and impartial reviews, we limit the ability of buyers and sellers to edit a review after they’ve been written. If you submit your review first, you may edit it anytime within the 7-day review period, up until the other user submits their review. Once both reviews are submitted or the 7-day review period has ended, whichever comes first, both reviews are automatically published and no more changes can be made. Both the buyer and seller reviews are posted at the same time and can’t be edited after they’re posted (the other person can’t read your review and change their own as a result). You can’t request edits to a review written about you.

Removing a review

You can’t remove a review written about you if you disagree with it, but you can report it to us if you think it violates our Reviews Policy. These reviews will be removed if they violate our Reviews Policy, and both buyer and seller will be informed of this decision upon removal.

You can remove a review you’ve written if it no longer reflects your genuine experience as a buyer or seller. You can reach out to our support team with your request to remove a review you’ve authored.