Last updated
August 4, 2022

How To Send / Receive Shipped Items With A PayPal Backed Trade, Buy, Or Sell

Use this document as guideline in performing safe / disputable transactions. PayPal invoicing is the best way to do this. At this time, Blossm will not be held responsible for any transactions that needs to be disputed (See Disputes for more info).

Quick Tips To Avoid Scams

🚨 Never leave the Blossm app to chat, common things scammers will ask are "What's your phone number", "WhatsApp Me", or "Email Me"
🚨 If receiving or sending items via shipping, always use PayPal goods and services
🚨 If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is…
🚨 Never share confidential information with another person (i.e. passwords, social security numbers, banking information)


  1. Agree on Blossm messenger an amount you all will be invoicing each other on PayPal as collateral in case something goes wrong. The amount will usually be a price you deem would cover the cost of the items you are sending.
  2. You will both request an invoice from each other via PayPal (Normally the same amount). Go to Paypal Invoice for more details on how to do this.
  3. Once you and the other person have paid the invoice it's time to ship your items, so exchange shipping addresses. Go to Shipping for more details on how to do this.
  4. In case anything goes wrong, and you need to request your money back, go to Disputes.


  1. Agree on Blossm messenger an amount you will be paying plus shipping. You will also need to give the seller a shipping address.
  2. Wait for an invoice from the seller for the agreed upon price plus shipping. This might come from a PayPal link or through your PayPal account.
  3. Once paid wait for the seller to let you know the item is on its way!
  4. In case anything goes wrong, and you need to request your money back, go to Disputes.


  1. Agree on Blossm messenger an amount you will accept for your item + shipping. You will also need to know the buyers shipping address.
  2. You can now send a PayPal invoice to the buyer for the price + shipping. See Paypal Invoice.
  3. Once the invoice has been paid, you now need to ship the item. See Shipping.

Invoice Via PayPal

** At this time PayPal charges 2.9% + $.30 per invoice.

  1. Login into PayPal
  2. Choose "Request"
  3. Click "Create an invoice"
  4. Choose type "Goods Shippable"
  5. If you know the other person's email or PayPal account enter it in "Bill to"
    Bill To
  6. In the "Description" section enter the items you will be sending with its individual price
  7. In the "Shipping" section enter the cost for shipping
  8. You can now click the "Send" button. It allows either sharing a url link or sending to a PayPal account.

Tips with shipping

  • If you need help on how to package a plant you can go here How To Package Plants For Shipping
  • Decide on your shipping method. At the moment, USPS may not be the most reliable method. UPS is good choice for domestic shipping. Typically, you both pick the same method, but that is up to you!
  • 3-day air is a good option but expensive (~$50 bucks). UPS ground usually arrives on Friday, when shipped on Monday (~$12).
  • Ship plants on either Monday or Tuesday to ensure they don’t get stuck at the warehouse over the weekend.


  1. Try to resolve the issue with the other user first.
  2. If you all can't come to an agreement, and you used PayPal invoicing, go directly through PayPal Disputes for your money back.
  3. You can also use our rating system to let others know about your experience with a user.