Last updated
August 29, 2022

How to get started on Blossm

Personalize your account

After you create your account, you can go back and edit your profile picture, fill out your bio, add your plant wishlist, swap location, and even your favorite plant and plant experience.

To edit your profile:

In the app

  1. Go to your Account Button
  2. Click your Profile Icon
  3. Click the Pencil Icon

Create your wishlist alerts

You can create alerts for your wishlist plants. After you add them to your profile, you will receive notifications when they are uploaded to Blossm.

To set wishlist alerts:

In the app

  1. Go to your Account Button
  2. Click your Profile Icon
  3. Click the Pencil Icon
  4. Go to your Wistlist Tab
  5. Click the green + Add button

Browse the Market

The Market is powered by the Blossm plant community to create a dynamic, personalized jungle feed. The community is composed of fellow plant enthusiasts and collectors that want to share their love of plants with you!

To follow users:

  1. Click on any item in the market
  2. Click on their Profile Icon
  3. Click the Follow Button

Start your Shop

List an item for sales in under a minute! To post an time to the market:

  1. Click the middle camera icon on the homepage
  2. Select the Market Button
  3. Take a photo and then pick a category
  4. Fill out Details Tab
  5. Optionals details on Additional Tab
  6. Add the Type of Exchange, your Price, and if Shippable 6. If labeled Shippable it will be viewable nation-wide

Find your Friends

Find my Friends connects your contact like to Blossm to make it easier to connect with people you already know. You’ll get notifications when a new contact joins, and you can easily send your referral link to friends that aren’t on Blossm yet.

To Find my Friends:

  1. In the app, go to your Account Tab
  2. Under the Social title, click Find My Friends
  3. Allow permission to your contact list
  4. View list of existing friends on Blossm
  5. Click the green invite button to share your referral link to a contact not on Blossm