What is semi-hydroponics?

February 2nd, 2023
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Semi-hydroponics, also known as passive hydroponics or soil-less culture, is a method of growing plants using a soil-less medium, such as perlite or coconut coir, instead of soil. In semi-hydroponics, the plants are grown in the soil-less medium and are watered with a nutrient solution that is delivered directly to the roots. This method of growing plants allows for more precise control over the nutrients and moisture levels that the plants receive, which can result in faster growth and healthier plants.

One of the main benefits of semi-hydroponics is that it allows for the plants to access the nutrients they need more efficiently, as the nutrient solution is delivered directly to the roots. This can result in faster growth and healthier plants, as the plants are able to access the nutrients they need more quickly and easily. Additionally, the soil-less medium used in semi-hydroponics typically has a higher water-holding capacity than soil, which can help to reduce the frequency of watering and minimize the risk of over-watering or under-watering.

Overall, semi-hydroponics can be a useful method of growing plants for those who want to have more control over the growing conditions and nutrient levels, and who are looking for a way to grow plants more efficiently and effectively.

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