The Blossm Plant Community is My Form of Therapy 💚

May 23rd, 2023
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As a first time founder, I didn’t really fully understand what I was getting myself into…

I knew Blossm would need at least 3-5 years to see it through, and the journey was going to be extremely difficult, but I didn’t truly understand the magnitude of the rollercoaster ride of #startuplife.

The “peaks” can be glorious, but the valleys can be lenghty and seemingly bottomless. What really kept me going all these years was the value I was creating for my plant community and the constant feedback of love & stoke from them.

Every handwritten thank you note, Blossm message, app store review and in-person plant exchange has helped me survive the tough times and remind me what I’m doing. It has been my most effective form of therapy while I navigate this new entrepreneur venture.

While plants and horticulture themselves are effective forms of therapy (Horticultural Therapy Program), bonding with passionate like-minded people through this shared love takes it even a step further. Knowing I created a safe and happy place for this community, my own plant community, has been the most efficacious therapy for my own mental health. It’s a constant reminder, that Blossm has grown much bigger than my own interests, and thousands of people want me to succeed, for Blossm to continue growing.

Thank you Blossm community for your kind words, support and patience over the years as I navigate this first time founder experience. I will always strive to keep creating and building with you in mind.

Love you guys,

Brian aka @PlantDaddyBry

I’d like to share some of the lovely notes, messages and feedback I’ve received from our “Blossmr’s” below:

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