We’re so glad you're interested in joining this green movement! Our ambassador program connects green thumbs across the country and hopes to grow one big community where Blossmrs can share their love with friends, family, and neighbors. Blossm ambassadors are role models in the Blossm community who receive special benefits for their mentorship, and stoke growing this plant family.


Blossm Ambassador Benefits:

  • Access to Blossm Insights, our exclusive newsletter for tips to grow your business, early access to new features, and more.

  • Email Shout out to the user base, for increased exposure & traffic to your shop

  • Discounts on fees & services

  • Blossm Ambassador Badge in your profile

  • Plant Prizes & Giveaways

  • Be featured on the Featured Shops List, where you will be recommended to new users, and the current community

Blossm Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Maintain an active plant `shop`

  • Participate, Educate and Inspire in the Blossm community forum with posts and replies

  • Provide great customer service

  • Keep a Blossm seller rating above 4.5

  • Share Blossm on your social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, Discord)

  • Add Blossm to social media profile

Plant Prize Giveaways:

Once you become an ambassador, ask new users to add your username as their referral when signing up. The more referrals, the more entries, and the higher chance of winning beautiful plants for free! There will also be prizes for achieving certain milestones.

Here are some plants that will be available this year:
  • Philodendron White Wizard
  • Philodendron White Knight
  • Philodendron White Princess
We'll also be giving out Blossom swag:
  • Blossm tote bag
  • Blossm shirts with the either 'Plant Mama' or 'Plant Daddy'
  • Blossm Hat (Hand-Painted by Azul)

Blossm Tote Bag


Blossm Hats (ft. Azul)


Philodendron White Princess


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